Capitol Pediatrics :: Our Love for kids keeps growing

Capitol Pediatrics :: Our Love for kids keeps growing

Family Resources

We hope you will find the following links helpful for information on common pediatric issues and concerns.

The American Academy of Pediatrics website offers a wealth of general information about the healthof your child:  Other good sources of general medical information are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota – (, and at

Reliable information on vaccines can be found on the CDC website,  and at

Nutrition and fitness are major concerns for most parents. Visit or for some wonderful tools to help manage your child’s nutritional needs. Two local resources providing help with weight management in children and adolescents can be found at and

Looking for support and information regarding breastfeeding?  Visit  Or for local support try for information on Best Beginnings and other local breastfeeding-friendly organizations.

Excellent information on traveling with your child, including very specific recommendations from the CDC about many destinations around the world, can be found at

For help on sorting out the sometimes bewildering amount of information on car-seats, try  For specific legal requirements in the state of Virginia, go to

Information on allergies and asthma isoffered by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology at  Some excellent instructional videos on the use of inhalers and various other allergy/asthma related devices can be found at

Please note that these websites are intended for educational purposes and are not meant to take the place of advice from your physician.  If you have a question about any information you read here please call the office.